Specialized in the repair all kinds of spindles

  Re-grinding M/C spindle taper part

  Special Features

1. Precise grinding of taper part, without taking the spindle apart
2. Reduction in the time and cost of maintenance and repair
3. Doubled contact with taper part holder extends the life span of tools such as cutters, end mills or tips
4. Guaranteed precision and power cutting with taper part grinding
5. Imported spindle repair

  Regrind when

1. The tool becomes unusable sooner than usual
2. If you find difficulty in tolerance control
3. If the cut surface feels rough, or if you get serious tool marks when working on a surface
4. If you notice a scratch mark on the taper part of the spindle caliber


1. Prolongs lifespan of tools
2. Easy tolerance control
3. Provides elegant, high-grade cutting of product surfaces, while reducing process time
4. Increase durability of Spindle bearing

  Time Required and Expenses


Precise correction (External)
(No spindle disassembly)

Precise correction (Internal)
(Spindle Disassembly)

Economic Efficiency

Repair Time

Min. 7 days

Within max. 6 hours

Approx. 1/10 time


Approx. 4-5 million won

Approx. 2 million won

Approx. 1/2 time


Approx. 1 year

Approx. 3 years

Approx. 3 times



Re-grinding and renovation



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